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This year the paperwork to enter Mexico may be more difficult as it seems there are new inspections due to Covid-19.

According to Neil Schroyer of Marina de la Paz, "La Paz and Cabo San Lucas have two new clear in processes that were not in place last year. Boats must clear in with customs and with health authorities. (By customs I do not mean to go get your TIP, I mean they come to the vessel and do a physical inspection) They are not doing either of these in Ensenada."

The health inspection could have a $10 USD fee but it is not clear at this time.

Typically, cruisers use ship's agent Victor Barreda in Cabo but this year Victor has recommended that as many boats as possible go to Ensenada to clear into the country. He says with the new rules he will have a difficult time clearing people in a timely manner and the fees for the additonal inspections have not been made clear.

If you have crew that needs to fly out of Cabo you will need your paperwork done quickly as the crew will need to present their tourist visa (FMM) at the airport when they fly out. Ensenada would be a good option for these boats. In Ensenada, the staff of either Marina Coral or Cruiseport Marina will, for a reasonable fee, help you with clearing in.

If you have more time than money, you might want to take care of the paperwork yourself. Either in Ensenada or Cabo San Lucas it involves some walking and can take a couple of hours, but lots of cruisers do it.

What to Bring From USA

  1. Passports for skipper and each member of the crew
  2. Notarized letter of permission for those under 18 by absent parent (if applicable)
  3. Registration or documentation of the vessel
  4. Letter of authorization from either the corporate entity (if applicable) or the owner of the boat (if applicable)
  5. Liability insurance

What You Need to Get

  1. Temporary Import Permit - You MUST get at TIP to have your boat in Mexico and must do it before you leave.
  2. FMM From Immigration - Everyone on your boat must have this tourist visa unless they are a temporary or permanent resident of Mexico.
  3. Customs - New in Cabo for 2020 - an inspection?
  4. Crew List From the Port Captain - Immigration gives you the form and the Port Captain stamps it
  5. Health Department - New in Cabo for 2020 - an inspection? $10 USD fee?
  6. Fishing licenses (if applicable)

For more information on each of the above items refer to the Baja Ha-Ha First Timer's Guide to Cruising Mexico pages 22-28.

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