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A Temporary Import Permit (TIP) will be required by Customs when we arrive in Cabo. The procedure just got super easy! Just follow the instructions in the video below. The TIP will cost about $50 or $60, is good for 10 years, and will be emailed to you in a few days after filling out the form. A boat’s TIP is good for as many times as you want to go in and out of Mexico. Your boat’s TIP must always be on the boat.

You must do this right away because if the website will not issue you a TIP there is most likely an old TIP registered to your boat that was never canceled. This issue will require a trip to the banjercito — which is a military bank — on the Mexican side of the border at Otay Mesa or San Ysidro. It’s about 40 minutes from San Diego by car to either one. The banjercito clerks have done lots of TIPs and can answer all your questions and get the problem straightened out or point you in the right direction. Be sure to bring all the documents mentioned in the video below.

One issue that came up was what to put for "Point of Entry into Mexico" as neither Cabo or La Paz are listed as options. Neil Schroyer with Marina de La Paz reports you should list Ensenada as your Point of Entry even if you are not going there. Neil says it does not matter.

In addition Neil also offered to help anyone that thinks they may have a prior TIP on their boat. He would need the hull number to see if there is an old TIP registered to that vessel. This is especially true for vessels older than 2006 that could have arrived and gotten a TIP without the present owner's knowledge. People can look up their vessels more recent Banjército TIP history at this web site: They only need to enter hull number and answer the "Not a Robot" question. If you need help contact Neil at


"It’s so easy to get a TIP, there is no reason
not to get one before sailing into Mexican waters."

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