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Nada Ha-Ha 2020

Nada Ha-Ha Schedule

It is recommended that all boats provision with enough food and carry enough fuel to Cabo and not visit the towns and villages on the Baja coast. It would be disastrous for this group to bring Covid to their town as they have little or no healthcare and no funds to travel to a facility. The locals are very poor and it is hard for them to resist the US dollars for giving panga rides, taking trash, filling fuel, and running errands. Hopefully, we can resist.

One beach get-together is planned in Bahia Magdalena. The surf at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria can be dangerous and will prohibit many from attending beach gatherings. Usually, the Baja Ha-Ha will engage locals for panga taxi rides to shore but we will not have that option this year. There is little or no surf in Bahia Magdalena and some great isolated beaches. So Mag Bay will work for a beach party!

SCHEDULE CHANGE! Our stay in Turtle Bay has been shortened to two nights. This will get us to Cabo one day earlier and enable all those worried about checking in to relax and enjoy our beach party!

October 19, 8 am Monday— Morning Nada Ha-Ha Net in San Diego hosted by Ullman Sails San Diego on VHF Channel 69. Depending on the interest this net could run daily until we start south

November 2, 10 am Monday — Morning Net and Start Leg 1 Roll Call VHF Channel 69

November 2, 11 am Monday — Start of Leg One for San Diego Boats off Coronado Roads. Ensenada Boats May Start at Their Leisure.

November 3 & 4, 8 am Tuesday & Wednesday — Offshore Morning Net and Roll Call SSB 4146

Most Boats Will Arrive in Turtle Bay Wednesday & Thursday, November 4 - 5

November 5, 9 am Thursday — Turtle Bay Morning Net VHF Channel 69

November 6, 8 am Friday — Morning Net and Start Leg 2 Roll Call VHF Channel 69

November 6, 9 am Friday — Start of Leg Two From Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria

November 7, 8 am Saturday — Offshore Morning Net and Roll Call SSB 4146

Most Boats Will Arrive in Bahia Santa Maria Saturday & Sunday, November 7 & 8

November 8 & 9, 9 am Monday — Bahia Santa Maria Morning Net VHF 69

November 9, Monday — Motor or Sail From Bahia Santa Maria to Bahia Magdalena

Motor or Sail at Your Leisure on Monday to Bahia Magdalena

November 10, 9 am Tuesday — Bahia Magdalena Morning Net VHF 69

November 10, Noon Tuesday — Beach Get-Together Bahia Magdalena

November 11, 6:30 am Wednesday — Morning Net & Start Leg 3 Roll Call VHF 69

November 11, 7 am Wednesday — Start of Leg Three from Bahia Magdalena to Cabo San Lucas.

November 12, 8 am — Offshore Morning Net and Roll Call SSB 4146

Most Boats will Arrive in Cabo San Lucas Thursday & Friday, November 12 &13

November 12-15 — Be sure to let Patsy know by VHF, email or text to my inReach that you arrived in (or passed by) Cabo San Lucas safely!
Thanks... I worry...

November 22, 4 - 7 pm Sunday — La Paz Beach Party at La Costa Restaurant. Mexican folk dancing, live music, food and drinks, door prizes, more. Free for the first 50 Nada Ha-Ha participants; everyone welcome.

December 11, 7 - 9 pm Friday — "Welcome to Banderas Bay" complimentary taco's & drinks for the fleet. Introduction and footage of programs in the bay. At the Marina Riviera Nayarit outdoor amphitheater. Plus Nada Ha-Ha entrants get a 10% discount for 2020 and a gift bag during check-in.

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