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Nada Ha-Ha 2020



Because the 2020 Baja Ha-Ha was canceled, Patsy 'La Reina del la Mar' Verhoeven of the Gulfstar 50 Talion has formed the Nada Ha-Ha, which is an independent radio-based ultra-light version of the Ha-Ha. The concept is to maintain the group camaraderie and safety while avoiding risky behavior. Exactly what would be involved would depend on the Covid situation in California and Mexico in late October.

Patsy is a veteran of 13 Ha-Ha's and has been the Assistant Poobah for the last five Ha-Ha's. She's enjoyed many more years of cruising from Central America to the South Pacific to the Pacific Northwest and keeps her boat in La Paz during the season. 

The Nada Ha-Ha will maintain the same sailing schedule as the Baja Ha-Ha departing San Diego or Ensenada November 2 sailing to Turtle Bay. November 7 sailing Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria. November 9 possibly moving to Bahia Magdalena. And November 11 sail to Cabo San Lucas.

The Nada Ha-Ha is open to anyone wanting to travel south to Mexico on their boat. There is no fee for the Nada Ha-Ha. At this point, there are no social functions, no pre-party, no swag, no dinners, or skippers meeting, beach parties, divisions, time reporting, Poobah, or baseball planned. There will be a daily radio net on VHF 69 when in range and when at our stops. The radio net will be via SSB or HAM 4146 while offshore. On the net we will have a check-in, you can report emergencies, ask for assistance, share stories, and get all your questions answered.

You may choose to have your daily positions recorded. This is voluntary and may be sent by SSB, HAM, or by SMS text. Devices capable of SMS text include Garmin InReach, InReach Mini, Satellite Phone, Spot X (NOT SPOT GEN3) or an Iridium GO!

It is recommended that all boats provision enough food and carry enough fuel to Cabo and not visit the towns and villages on the Baja coast. It would be disastrous for this group to bring Covid to their town as they have little or no healthcare and no funds to travel to a facility. The locals are very poor and it is hard for them to resist the US dollars for panga rides, taking trash, filling fuel, and running errands. Hopefully, we can resist.

Once you sign up you will receive the latest emails on slips, changes to checking into Mexico, and set up information for your communication device. Please check for more information on the Nada Ha-Ha Facebook page and on these Nada Ha-Ha pages.

The Nada Ha-Ha is an independent group of buddy boating cruisers and not associated with the Baja Ha-Ha.

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